Windows Terminal Services

We specialise in the implementation of Window Terminal Services Networks which provide significant advantages over traditional PC peer-to-peer networks. In simple terms this means that all application software executes on a central server and that all data is stored on this server as well and that local network and remote internet workstations simply provide a ‘window’ to what is running on the server.

Benefits include:

  • Greater reliability
  • Improved security of data
  • Workstation maintenance tasks are eliminated
  • Long-term cost efficiencies
  • Remote access is built in
  • One backup process
  • Eliminate file synchronisation issues

While this technology has been used by larger corporations for some years, Windows Terminal based systems are now affordable for small businesses and also offer great advantages in terms of system reliability, performance and long-term return on investment.

This technology is similar in many respects to the ‘Cloud Computing’ concept except that the server is located in your own office rather than in a data centre somewhere.

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