System Integration

For some businesses, the development of a Custom Business Management System may provide significant operational benefits and an edge in the market.

Many small businesses utilise an ad-hoc set of systems created by in-house staff without the appropriate skills or training and which are not well integrated or maintained over time. Theses evolve informally over time and typically consist of:

  • Spread-sheets
  • Documents
  • Accounting processes

As a result, critical business processes are poorly supported by these systems and the correct operation of the business is totally reliant on manual intervention rather than on in-built automatic checks and balances.

What happens?

  • Significant operational inefficiency
  • Poor customer service
  • Unnecessary levels of work related stress for staff

A review of these processes by way of a Business Analysis and the subsequent implementation of well-designed processes supported by appropriate IT systems can transform the way your business operates and performs.

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