Hardware & Software Systems

Many businesses are using out-dated hardware and software systems that lack reliability and that do not provide the functions necessary for efficient operation of the business.

It is also not unusual for a business not to have access to important facilities at all and a good example of this is email systems. While having email on your desktop computer at work is essential, having email that is automatically syncronised between desktop, notebook, mobile phone and iPad is less common and not difficult to achieve.

Many businesses are reluctant to address systems upgrade issues because they do not have the required skills in-house or because they are concerned that an upgrade will result in a disruption to the existing inadequate but absolutely critical systems that they are dependent on.

The solution to this dilemma is to undertake a regular assessment of the suitability of existing systems, what improvements might be possible and then to upgrade incrementally rather than leave it until it becomes a major high-risk exercise.