Application & Hardware Support

Occasional failures with computer hardware and software are inevitable and these failures can be highly disruptive to the operation of your business if they are not addressed quickly.

While Procore Business Systems provides a capable fix and repair service, we believe strongly that prevention is better than cure. This can be achieved through preventative maintenance and by providing redundancy in critical systems wherever possible.

With a Windows Terminal Server based network, many common problems are eliminated by centralising your computing resources onto a single server and by ensuring that this server has redundant hard disks, power supplies and a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Strategy.

Workstations in this environment become very simple and inexpensive low-maintenance devices and spare units can be kept on-hand without great expense.

For businesses that require an absolute minimum of downtime, a standby pre-configured server can be kept at a second office or remote location and brought online within hours or even minutes depending on how critical downtime is.

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