Procore worked with a client operating in the Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Service industry to help implement a computer based Client Management System (CMS).

This project demonstrates the range of services that can be provided by Procore to support an IT project from Business Analysis & conceptualisation to systems development, implementation and on-going technical support.

Business AnalysisBusiness Analysis

Performed a Business Analysis for all current Client Treatment Programs in order to clearly document existing work processes and identify the needs of the business for a Client Management System. This was used to support a budget allocation to fund further work aimed at implementing the CMS.

Small Business SurveyMarket Survey

Performed a Market Survey of existing CMS database systems used in the industry to determine the suitability of any off-the-shelf system for internal use. An existing system was identified that provided an 85% functionality match which could be suitably customised by the vendor.

Customised CMS Project ManagementCustomised CMS Project Management

Procore specified the customisations required to the off-the-shelf CMS, arranged quotations, developed a Project Plan and liaised with the system provider to fully manage the customisation project. The customisation work was performed by an external developer associated with the owner of the base CMS with Procore clearly identifying changes required and finally testing the customised version of the system.

Implementation Project ManagementImplementation Project Management

Once the customisation work was complete, Procore worked with the client’s staff to develop documentation for the CMS to deliver User Training and to finally Commission the CMS for operations throughout the organisation.

Developed Enhanced FunctionalityDeveloped Enhanced Functionality

The customised CMS was unable to provide some key features required by the client. This was addressed by Procore with the development of an ancillary Sql Server Database and User Application that integrates with the customised CMS to provide enhanced functionality features. This system provides an advanced platform that guarantees the future extensibility of the system largely independent of the base CMS capabilities.

Technical & User SupportTechnical & User Support

Procore specified computer hardware and communications facilities required by the CMS and liaised with in-house technical support staff during equipment installation.

Installation & ConfigurationInstallation & Configuration

Procore performed installation & configuration of the CMS and Enhanced Functionality database systems on the clients network, setup user and security access, implemented database backup processes and provided remote support services to key users of the system.

Developed New ApplicationDeveloped New Application

After the customised CMS had been running successfully for some months, the client determined that the remaining usability and work-flow mismatch issues with this system were significant enough to justify the development of an entirely new CMS that would exactly meet daily operational needs. Procore then designed and implemented a completely new and original CMS using C++ and Sql Server development tools over a period of 6 months. This system is now in service and fully owned by the client which protects the significant investment in this 2 year project.