Custom Software Development

If your business process management mostly depends on a set of spread sheets and documents created using off-the-shelf programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word, then it is likely that there is a lot of manual work and specialised skill involved in ensuring that your work is performed reliably according to the correct procedures and with consistency. Failing to have reliable and consistent work processes often results in significant operational inefficiency, unnecessary inconvenience and stress, and in poor customer service. Procore Business Systems can design and build a Custom Business Management System that will store the critical data used by your business and also provide the structure and reporting necessary to ensure that you and your staff work efficiently and consistently.

A Custom Business Management System essentially formalises the particular business rules and logic on which your business depends that is otherwise stored only in the heads of key staff members and this delivers many benefits including:

  • Structured, efficient and consistent task management and execution.
  • Enable a unique service to be delivered resulting in a market edge.
  • Improved quality of service and customer satisfaction.
  • Easier staff management and training.
  • Reduced exposure of the business to key staff members.
  • Increased sale value of the business.

Procore Business Systems can provide a fully managed Systems Development Service that includes Business Analysis, Systems Analysis, Software Design and Development, Implementation & Training and Ongoing System Support. Our principal developer has 30 years of experience in developing database and application software solutions for SME’s and uses SQL Server Database and C++ Builder as core development tools

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